The Privaceum Team

Kevin L. Miller

Founder, CEO, Vision

An attorney, author, inventor, researcher, Microsoft veteran, and entrepreneur, Kevin has over 25 years of experience in software engineering/architecture and development management. His work with Microsoft in the late 90’s helped address key scalability and state management problems in web and data services, experiences he shared in his book Professional NT Services (Wiley/Wrox 1998). The book became a standard reference text for the implementation of highly scalable multi-tiered systems.

After leaving Microsoft and co-founding several successful technology startups, Kevin became interested in the impact of technological advances on law, policy, legal automation, and human rights. He obtained a J.D. and has practiced IP, data privacy, and startup law for several years. He has written widely about surveillance and predictive policing, the privacy impacts of new technologies, algorithmic accountability and fairness, and legal and ethical issues in cyberwar. Kevin’s original research on privacy architectures converged with his interest in blockchain to form the foundational ideas for Privaceum.

Kevin is a registered patent attorney with a B.A. in Philosophy and Computer Science, an MBA, and a J.D. from the University of Florida; he is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer and is a Consensys Certified Blockchain Developer.

Victoria J. Miller

Founder, COO, Vision

Over the last 15 years, Victoria has co-founded several technology startups. She has also served as strategic advisor to several other technology startups, lending her creative vision, strategic and tactical business planning, and project management skills.

Starting her career in healthcare management, she played a key role in helping create one of the most innovative healthcare initiatives in the country in Arizona and assisted with expansion efforts in other states. Victoria moved into project management in the insurance industry, spearheading a major workflow redesign initiative that aligned new technologies with improving processes and communication across multiple departments and external agencies.

An inventor, entrepreneur, and seasoned technology management professional, Victoria is passionate about blockchain, privacy, and creative, forward-looking solutions to society’s hardest problems. She brings a wealth of operations, marketing, and project management experience to Privaceum. A Brit by birth, she has lived in seven countries and speaks German and English. She has a Master’s in Organizational Management.