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Last Updated: December 12, 2018

Simple Privacy Statement

  • As a privacy company, Privaceum Inc. (a Florida corporation) values privacy a great deal. That's why we believe that you deserve a simple, straightforward statement of how we handle your personal and behavioral information as a result of your interaction with this Website.

How We Treat Your Personal and Behavioral Data

  • We do not sell your personal information to others.
  • We do not sell your behavioral data to others.
  • We will not try to "de-anonymize" you via your data, browser fingerprint, or any other method.
  • If you give us your email, name, or other information—either via our contact form or by sending us an email—we will use that information to the extent necessary to contact you over email to respond to your inquiry or request.

Trackers and Cookies

  • We use Google Tag Manager and Site Analytics to better understand how users of this website interact with the website. This is to help us know which content users are engaging with the most.
  • You are free to block any of these trackers, if you want, using Ghostery or some other privacy tool. That's fine with us, and you won't experience any degradation in the quality of the site because you block trackers.
  • On some pages, we provide links to other websites or social media networks (e.g., Twitter or LinkedIn). If you click these links, you will (of course) be tracked by those sites in accordance with their privacy policies.
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