While it isn’t practical to say “I must have privacy all the time,” it also isn't reasonable to surrender and just say “privacy is dead.” We should be able to specifically agree to relinquish some privacy for security within a specific context like an airport, while opting to set privacy limits elsewhere. Privaceum provides the tools to make the fine-grained choices necessary for control and ownership of your privacy.


Privacy is rarely lost in one fell swoop. It is usually eroded over time, little bits dissolving almost imperceptibly until we finally begin to notice how much is gone.

Partners in Trust

Everyone benefits from a comprehensive privacy platform that empowers people to make privacy choices reflecting their cultural and personal values.

User Partners

People who join Privaceum because they care about their privacy

check_circle_outline Broadcast your privacy presence and preferences to devices in the Robiota.

check_circle_outline Manage your privacy preferences from a centralized dashboard.

check_circle_outline Take advantage of contextually-relevant defaults and refine your preferences over time.

check_circle_outline View real-time indicators of the PAN certified trust level of your immediate environment with our dApp.

check_circle_outline Transfer privacy authority with Privaceum Token to harmonize privacy expectations in complex environments.

Device Manufacturer Partners

Makers who create privacy-impacting devices, components, and software

check_circle_outline Participate in a multi-stakeholder, verified trust model and become a brand consumers trust to respect their privacy.

check_circle_outline Take advantage of a common, standardized, open source privacy architecture without reinventing the wheel.

check_circle_outline Enable users to see a real-time indicator that you respect their privacy.

check_circle_outline Approach privacy design in a manner that respects people's choices and employs the blockchain for transparency and accountability.

check_circle_outline Stake privacy trust with Privaceum Token.

Group and Context Partners

Contexts, groups, and locations that establish zones of privacy

check_circle_outline Define and broadcast specific privacy expectation settings to everyone as they enter your zone.

check_circle_outline Useful for places or contexts with particular cultural expectations or regulatory requirements, such as medical centers, courthouses, shopping centers, and airports.

check_circle_outline Automatically negotiate privacy authority transfers as needed.

check_circle_outline Participate in the distributed autonomous governance of the network and establish schemas, defaults, weightings, and contextual hierarchies for your areas of concern.

Robiota-Friendly Cities

A city cannot be truly innovative without respecting the privacy rights of its citizens.

Imagine a city that believes technological advance doesn't have to come at the expense of the privacy and individuality of its citizens. A city where people, businesses, and civic institutions have an attitude of protecting one another's privacy. A city that embraces innovation, freedom of movement and expression, and that prioritizes transparency and accountability to its citizens.

With Privaceum, every city resident is empowered with contextually-specific control over privacy choices. As the size and variety of these privacy zones grows, cities can place themselves at the forefront of privacy protection and technological advance by using Privaceum to develop a transparent and flexible privacy contract between individuals, companies, and governments. A renewed respect for privacy choice would help to reduce the perception that smart cities are surreptitiously watching and recording citizens and to drive appreciation for the benefits of smart cities.

We call these cities Robiota-friendly cities. A Robiota-friendly city is a place where citizens engage, express themselves, and enjoy the benefits of being in a city. It is a place where your phone doesn't just provide you with a map of city landmarks, but a map of nearby privacy-impacting devices and their respective PAN scores. It is a place that sees a high percentage of devices in the Robiota as a benefit. It would be a city where people want to live, work, and be part of the community.

Imagine your city as a robiota-friendly city!

PAN Certification Program

Privaceum's certification program enables manufacturers of privacy-impacting devices (e.g., robots, smart cars, cameras, smart home devices) to let the public know about their ongoing efforts to respect privacy preferences by working within a common framework.

Install Geppetto

Manufacturers use our open source toolkit, code-named Geppetto, to enable their devices to easily join the Robiota. Geppetto provides devices with access to smart contracts for accessing user privacy preferences within the Privaceum platform.

Submit Confirmatory Data

A device records control state confirmatory data to the blockchain as Privaceum users with different privacy preferences move into the device's zone of influence. The device “stakes” the accuracy of the confirmatory data with Privaceum Token.

Audit Process

The device agrees to allow third-party auditors to analyze their confirmatory data to determine if variances exist between the device's actual and expected control states. Auditors receive Privaceum Token for finding variances in device control states.

PAN Certified Logo

Device-makers receive a PAN certification of trust to let people know that the device will respect their privacy preferences. The PAN CERTIFIED logo can be physically displayed on the product. Users of our dApp see the device's trust score update dynamically and know that their privacy is safe.

Privaceum Token

Privaceum Token empowers participants with the ability to self-govern their privacy and the Robiota itself. Privaceum Token is used in the network in a variety of ways:

To designate the boundaries of privacy authority

Privaceum Token's primary purpose is as a mechanism for defining one's privacy authority in highly-granular contexts and scenarios. It allows individuals, groups, and larger contexts to define when and how they want to acquire or transfer privacy authority in support of community, security, employment, and duties to customers/clients, friends, and others.

To stake confirmatory data and award auditors

Devices use Token to stake the accuracy of their ongoing submission of confirmatory data about their control states. Auditors receive Token when they find variances between submitted and expected confirmatory data.

Privaceum Token transfers

To transfer privacy authority between Robiota participants

A transfer of Privaceum Token can occur, for example, to enable automated or mediated resolution of privacy preference conflicts between individuals, groups, or hierarchy chains. A transfer of token may also occur when it is appropriate to override an individual's privacy preferences in an emergency or within a controlled locality or event.

To energize the distributed autonomous governance of the Robiota

Participants make privacy contextually and culturally responsive by deciding when and how the Privaceum schemas, defaults, weightings, and contextual hierarchies change. Token is used to govern the staking and voting processes for these activities.


Privaceum Technology Roadmap


The Privaceum platform is founded on patent-pending technology.

Privaceum Platform Architecture Diagram